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m&i Healthcare Forum, Helsinki Finland 11-13 February 2020 MEETING REPORT

As we met in Finland little did we know that a few thousand miles away a virus was about to change the world. In our own modest way we were considering the planning of meetings and events for the Healthcare sector and what might be...

Back catalog of thought leadership and news articles

Where can you find over 130 blog posts, articles, opinion pieces, and help materials from 3Sixty and Healthcare Venues?  The answer ... regrettably, still on the old Healthcare Venues site. We are in the process of transferring and updating this content over the...

Our thought leadership strategy

Developing Thought LeadershipAt 3Sixty and Healthcare Venues we love thought leadership that can have a positive impact on the healthcare meetings eco-system. If you have a blog, white paper, or other content that can help create debate or provide a few answers to the...

Interested in having your voice heard?

3Sixty and Healthcare Venues are privileged to lead and support thought leadership. If you would like to have your say, please contact us to talk about projects in development or propose a new topic you are passionate about.