French Anti Gift Law: for Meetings and Events

French Anti Gift Law: for Meetings and Events

Date: Thursday 19th May 2022

Expert: Laurent Clerc, Head of Compliance Clardian 

The market leader in software dedicated to compliance and regulatory process optimization. Clardian offers health industries various SaaS solutions to comply with the regulations and standards of today and tomorrow.  


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Moderator Mark Handforth 3Sixty Event Consulting 

 “In this webinar we attempted to simplify and apply the French Anti Gift Law to meetings and event. If you are working as industry or a 3rd party with healthcare professionals whom gain “advantages” specifically financially this webinar is for you – we hope you enjoy it.”

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Part 1 of the webinar: The French Anti Gift Law for Meetings and Events

The French Anti Gift Law as it is applied to meetings and the approval of costs related to the financial relationships between (French) Healthcare professionals and industry.

Laurent explains the scope of the law, process and timelines, to whom it applies and what information is required to make a submission

  • What are the (financial in/out of scope) “Advantages”: 9mins 15sec
  • Application website URL’s: 14mins 28sec
  • Financial thresholds: 18mins 57sec

Part 2 of the webinar: The French Anti Gift Law for Meetings and Events


In this section we concentrate on 3 specific scenarios and explain how the law applies;

  • French HCP’s attending a meeting
  • A company booking an exhibit booth at a French medical meeting
  • Payment of honoraria for a French KOL to speak at a meeting / webinar

Part 3 of the webinar: The French Anti Gift Law for Meetings and Events

In this section we tidy up burning questions and clarifications including;


  • How to handle approval submissions when you cannot forecast the financial “advantages”
  • The role of 3rd parties in making submission
  • Checking submission status
  • Educational grants
Back catalog of thought leadership and news articles

Back catalog of thought leadership and news articles

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Our thought leadership strategy

Our thought leadership strategy

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New Healthcare Venues Q1, 2022

New Healthcare Venues Q1, 2022

After almost two and a half years of development we’re into the final moves of the refresh of You can see the work in progress on this website and short video below.

  1. We have simplified our compliance assessments
  2. Developed a broader 12 level index to replace our traffic light system
  3. Integrated a deeper level of information, relevant when considering a meeting location
  4. Focused on the needs of meeting planners and bookers
  5. With a tool that allows you to self-evaluate any venue if not represented on our platform

And much more of course !

Take a look at the video or visit our website to read more about the venue Index and how the new site will shape up in Q1, 2022.

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What will COVID-19 Mean for Meetings?

What will COVID-19 Mean for Meetings?

What will COVID-19 Mean for Meetings?

 We have considered which questions will need to be answered when looking to re-shape Meetings and Events in a Pandemic reality.

1. What policies will meeting planners develop to address their needs to be confident to use a meeting venue?

2. Which standard will they use to provide recognisable consistency globally and nationally to pandemic policies?

3. What will a “responsible attitude and preparedness look like for meeting venues; back and front of house – what recognisable standards will be adhered to World Health Organisation or external experts?

4.How will meeting venue hygiene levels change; will this become much more visible to meeting bookers and their participants to build confidence?

5. Will meeting venue teams be more aggressive in terms of stay at homesickness rules for hotel staff -What are the consequences if they don’t?

6. Will meeting venues be more careful in how they deploy at-risk team members?

7. Could sick meeting attendees be more closely monitored by meeting venues?

8. Might some locations expect meeting venues to advise authorities if meeting attendees are known to be ill, with specific symptoms – might this be seasonal or year-round?

9. Will check in protocols change to cover questions to meeting participants regarding recent illness and in return meeting venue pandemic policies – will hotels turn away guests that they believe to be showing symptoms?

10. Will meeting venues integrate into their meeting terms and conditions risk clauses related to pandemics?

11. Will meeting venues request that meeting planners do not allow sick delegates to attend meetings. If yes, what are the consequences?

12. For multiple night stays, will room cleaning be stopped unless deeper clean services are applied?
Will meeting delegates be given the option not just to be green – but decline any cleaning of their room until after their departure – will rooms be left for 24 hours before being resold?

13. What communication programmes; pre and on arrival will be developed to inform delegates participating in the meeting of the meeting venue’s plan for pandemic preparedness?

14. Is the day of the self-serve buffet over, will it be replaced by served meals with less meeting delegate to meeting delegate and staff to delegate contact?

15. As, has already happened in many venues, will refreshment breaks now be self-service, machine served with packaged snacks not “baked this morning” on-site?

16. Will meetings be increasingly held “in a bubble” with reduced contact with the public areas of a meeting venue?

17. Will virtual check-in be the only option in the future with a non-human contact between booking and entering a room?

18. Will social distancing be applied in full or part to the meeting room set up, the loading of a meeting rooms and queues for catering?

19. Will the extended supply chain, beyond the meeting venue, be expected to integrate pandemic planning into their supply and best in class hygiene process to secure the supply of goods?

20. Will meeting venues expect meeting planner suppliers to undergo pre-arrival vetting/education on pandemic preparedness e.g. will venues allow pre-shipment (without controls) of materials for a meeting?

21. Will hotel brands promote pandemic preparedness as a global brand standard or amend it to align with requirements from own governments or other global organisations?

22. How will meeting venues audit their own, action plan, to ensure that it is fit for purpose and being utilised day to day?

Or .. will we simply go back to our old version of normal?

If you would like to be part of answering these questions let is know. We are happy to integrate industry thought leaders into our Think Tank sessions.

WHO Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector.