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Healthcare Forum Madrid, Spain 5-7 October 2021
Healthcare Forum Madrid, Spain 5-7 October 2021
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3Sixty and Healthare Venues Are proud to have supported the m&i team in the content development of educational sessions and bespoke training of venues and destinations which participate in the forum. To learn more about attending the forum as a supplier or buyer or as a host destination please contact the m&i team. We can make an introduction too.

Forum key takeaways:
With the backdrop of the COVID 19 pandemic the optimism in the room in Madrid was quite motivating for participants. The question everyone was asking was “what does the future hold for our industry?” Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer, but our jobs as specialists in the healthcare events space is to provide all the options to our clients and deliver the best solution to meet their business and educational needs. This will require us to understand both the in-person and digital environments, and consult with all stakeholders to create the best outcomes, be they virtual, in person or hybrid or a digital-first approach.

Mark Handforth

June 7, 2024

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