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Get back to the business of meetings by becoming a member of the leading meeting-focused healthcare compliance community.

Healthcare Venues is an innovative meeting planning solution for meetings and events in the healthcare sector. Use the venue’s rigorous, independent compliance assessment for meeting approvals, work with trained specialists when planning your meetings, and consider the venues specifically for the healthcare sector.

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  • 9 Key changes to Healthcare Venues

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Interested to learn more about integrating the index into your planning of an event then contact us and we’ll walk you through the options

  • Compliance Assessment Simplified

With so many different perspectives, it can be difficult to consistently identify how a venue aligns to the guidelines provided by industry bodies and meeting stakeholders. So, to simplify the picture, Healthcare Venues have created the industry’s first truly independent compliance index. Click on the index numbers below to read more about how we expertly assess a venue.

  • Venue Compliance Index

Our independent venue compliance index (VCI) is open source and can be used by organisations to support successful meetings and events programs. Work with us to understand how; as a venue, you position your venue to meeting bookers, as an agency you recommend appropriate venues and as a corporate compliance department or in-house meetings team you align the index to meeting approval and preferred venue programs.

Our index ranges from 1 to 12 representing venues suitable for both internal and external meetings for the healthcare sector. We encourage the use of our index within your meeting solutions however, when referencing the index please link to the venue’s on-line listing to ensure the index is understood correctly. If you wish to use the index in any public way, such as a meeting platform please contact us to discuss system to system feeds or partnerships. Click the hexagons to read more.

Interested to learn more about integrating the index into your planning of an event then contact us and we’ll walk you through the options

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There are many advantages as a member of the only meeting-focused community for meeting compliance professionals.

A venue can improve their effectiveness when working with the sector, medical societies and agencies can be confident in recommending venues and healthcare and life science organisations can simplify the process of venue selection and approval.

The Advantages

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All stakeholders in an effective eco-system

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Supporting faster approvals and overall process effectiveness

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Success for all parts of the chain reducing costs and leveraging spend
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To ensure you have the skills to understand how to apply the code

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