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An explosion in digital interactions, ever more complex regulatory requirements, deeper approaches to meeting approval, changing formats.

pressured budgets and higher participant expectations: as a corporate organisation in the healthcare sector you face a web of increasing complexity when it comes to the planning and delivery of a compliant, ethical and effective meetings strategy. That’s where we can help. As trusted experts in healthcare meetings and events we’re well ahead of the curve when it comes to shaping meetings strategy and connecting you to best practice in the sector.

We’ll provide you with insightful up-to-the-minute advice on how to develop your meeting and communications strategy; we’ll apply sprint methodologies to identify strategic and tactical improvements, lead deeper insight development programmes and help write your compliance policies and train your teams; and we’ll give you access to our independent venue compliance index to build time-effective and risk-averse venue approval solutions – either as standalone solutions or as part of your existing technologies.

Enabling you to master the meetings matrix to achieve the highest levels of capability, creativity and compliance, minimise risk, be part of industry-leading conversations and deliver the results you’re striving to achieve.

  • Develop your Meetings Strategy

In a rapidly evolving omnichannel world, we draw on our combined 150 years of experience to build your digital and in-person meeting strategies. We can start with a blank piece of paper or fine-tune your present plans to meet your objectives.

Interested in having your voice heard?

3Sixty and Healthcare Venues are privileged to lead and support thought leadership. If you would like to have your say, please contact us to talk about projects in development or propose a new topic you are passionate about.

> Compliance for Meetings <

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Develop your compliance deployment for traditional meetings focused on HCPs and new communities such as patients, as well as across the evolving digital relationship with medical societies and other third-party scientific communication channels.


360 Event Consulting Audit your Capability

Audit your Capability

Review current policies as well as the day-to-day application of compliance to in-person and digital interactions. Create recommendations and a plan for implementation.

360 Event Consulting Policy Development

Policy Development

Refresh existing policies or create new standards. Deploy quickly to internal stakeholders and meeting supply chain partners. 

360 Event Consulting Recommendations

Training Programmes

Power internal training programme. Create bespoke portals for on-demand interactive learning. Reduce the risk of meeting compliance failure.

360 Event Consulting TOV Report

TOV Reporting

Audit the effectiveness of your TOV reporting. Identify improvements and a plan for implementing them integrating external partner systems.

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Suppler Effectiveness

Assist your suppliers to implement a highly effective compliance solution. Refine the joint process, developing digital, in-person and on-demand training content as needed.

  • Training Solutions for Corporate Organisations


We employ tried-and-tested training methodologies to teach compliance skills and a deeper understanding of the healthcare sector to your internal teams or to third-party agencies involved in meeting and event management. We ensure that your goals, expectations, and ethics are translated into daily action, whether as standalone online courses or by combining initial tailored face-to-face training with ongoing online and resource-based learning.

  • Independently certified training program delivered both face-to-face and online.
  • Focus on the end to end planning of a meeting; proposal writing, brief taking, venue selection and recommendation, project planning and TOV.
  • Regular webinars delivered by subject matter experts including compliance professionals,
    healthcare agency specialists and leading healthcare event venues.
  • Permanent ongoing access to training materials.
  • 24/7 access to comprehensive resource library.
  • Industry-wide collaborative learning events.

  • Educational Workshops


Interactions take between 1 and 2 half days dependant on your requirements. The agenda format is adjusted to your needs after identifying the shared educational requirements. Each programme ensures that alongside the experience tangible learnings are taken away by all participants

  • Request our brochure to learn more about out Educational Workshops

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