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  • 4th Compliance Workshop

London, Thursday 12th December 2024


The Compliance Workshop concept?

This informal gathering of industry colleagues dives into the evolving detail behind the code and its application to meetings and events. Speakers, moderators and panellists work with attendees to understand how the code is changing and how meetings and events are adapting to this reality, applying the data to the pre, peri and post operational delivery of any healthcare meeting. This workshop is all about the devil in the detail that is not generally available at any other meeting focused on the healthcare sector.

A venue in or close to London, UK will be confirmed soon.

3Sixty Event Consulting 3rd Compliance Workshop Park Plaza Riverbank London Objective


Foster peer-to-peer problem-solving, networking, and the sharing of efficiency solutions with the wider meetings and events community. Focus for this workshop is the development of a meeting compliance checklist, that can be shared publicly, improving the correct application of industry codes of practice and company policies to meetings in the sector. 

3Sixty Event Consulting 3rd Compliance Workshop Park Plaza Riverbank London Participants


This workshop’s content is intended for meeting professionals and organisations involved in planning healthcare sector meetings, subject to codes of practice. Corporate organisations, agencies, DMC’s, venues, destinations, operational teams implementing compliance into operational processes, corporate meeting professionals, medical society meeting professionals, professional conference organisers, medical communications professionals with an interest in meeting planning.

Draft Agenda

10am Introduction

What does the 2024 landscape look like for Healthcare sector meetings and events?

10.30am Part one – what are your priorities?

Table groups review the challenges shared in 2023 and consider, are these the same in 2024? What’s new?
11.00am Priorities feedback session

The group shares challenges and opportunities, voting for the 3 that are considered the most critical and next steps on a pathway to solutions agreed.

11.30am – Sustainable Healthcare Meetings

We give an expert a €1m budget and c-suite support to shape a sustainable meetings strategy. How would the expert spend it. How would you spend it within a frameworks for the healthcare sector ?

12.30pm Networking seated lunch

1.30pm Part two – Performance improvement – Compliance

Review the progress to an AI driven compliance solution for meetings and events.

2:00pm – Storyboarding a Promotional Video for Meetings and Events

At 3CW, we noticed our industry lacks public promotion of its value compared to others, impacting talent attraction and retention. This session will create a framework for a video highlighting the benefits and opportunities in healthcare meetings and events planning. The video aims to showcase the excitement of careers in this field. Outcome: a plan to cost and implement.

3pm – Corporate Q&A session – discuss pre-packaged hot topics and others from the day.

Emerging Corporate Trends in Meetings and Events.

The Future of Congresses: Factors Influencing Corporate Support and Participation.

Key Future Developments and Challenges in the Meetings and Events Industry

4pm Workshop End

Refreshments and Networking

Participant Cost

We do not believe that something free has the same value as something which requires an investment. In this case we apply a cost for attendance to the workshop to contribute to some meeting costs including; speakers and panellists and support the creation of relevant post workshop content. 

£75 / €87 per person

*participant accommodation and travel costs are not included.

360 Healthcare Consulting Participant Cost Big

Workshop Report

To support attendees in cascading the insights into their organisation and networks, we will create a meeting report. 

360 Healthcare Consulting Workshop Report


Click the Register Here link to access our registration form. Your request will be verified before a confirmation of a place is provided. We want all participants to gain the most from the workshop so will work with you to ensure that the format and your contribution are the perfect fit.