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Partnership announced between PR Medical Events and Healthcare Venues

Partnership announced between PR Medical Events and Healthcare Venues

Healthcare venues and PR medical events partner to take the grey out of medical society congress room block compliance approval.

We are delighted to announce a partnership between Healthcare Venues and PR Medical Events, who will contribute their healthcare sector knowledge of the global medical congress environment, to the platform’s new venue compliance index and tools for corporate compliance specialists and meeting planners. The index, and broader platform benefits will be integrated into PR Medical Events’ compliance process to support their clients when selecting code appropriate venues. The upgraded Healthcare Venues solutions will be launched in Q3, 2022

About PR Medical Events

PR Medical Events, is a fast-growing agency providing accommodation and group travel and logistical solutions for worldwide medical congresses and conferences.

PR Medical Events

PR Medical Events are a team of multi-cultural, passionate, and creative event professionals who understand the value of brand equity providing Quality Group Travel Services to Worldwide Medical Congresses.

Our professional relationships with reliable partners, suppliers, agencies, and hotels, allow us to provide pharmaceutical companies, doctors, pharmacists, agencies, and business delegates full destination management services.

We understand that your event must be considered a success by any measure and we manage every detail to provide unforgettable experiences.

PRM maintains a strong position as a “provider of choice” by orchestrating events flawlessly and ensuring our client objectives are met in a profitable and memorable way.

We understand our clientele’s needs, that is why every single group has dedicated coordinators that can be reached at any time, before and on-site, to ensure that any of your queries and all of our services are delivered in the personal and professional manner which set us apart.

Back catalog of thought leadership and news articles

Back catalog of thought leadership and news articles

Where can you find over 130 blog posts, articles, opinion pieces, and help materials from 3Sixty and Healthcare Venues? 
The answer … regrettably, still on the old Healthcare Venues site. We are in the process of transferring and updating this content over the coming weeks to migrate to the new site. It will take us a little time. We are not lazy, just ready for rest, relaxation, and good company over the holiday period. While we do this please take a peek here hopefully there may be something of interest there to inspire you to create your own content. If we can help, let us know.

Our thought leadership strategy

Our thought leadership strategy

Developing Thought Leadership

At 3Sixty and Healthcare Venues we love thought leadership that can have a positive impact on the healthcare meetings eco-system. 

If you have a blog, white paper, or other content that can help create debate or provide a few answers to the challenges we all face then let us know. We can’t promise to support everything .. but we’ll try our best! 

We are also enthusiastic to support the development of content from our position as independent experts. We can provide observations or lengthier contributions if they fall within our interests and experiences. 

The type of topics that complement our knowledge base are: 

  • Development of meeting models
  • Creating peer partnerships 
  • Thoughts leadership: development of HCP educational journeys through meeting interactions 
  • Research; HCP trends, new meeting models
  • How meeting data can drive good decision making   
  • Meeting case studies 
  • Procurement of meeting solutions post-pandemic 

You can contact us via LinkedIn or the contacts us page on this website. 

Partnership announced between PR Medical Events and Healthcare Venues

3Sixty Explained

About 3Sixty

We have a lot to say about 3Sixty and its explosive growth in the last two years. We have been honoured to collaborate with all actors in the healthcare meetings eco-system in developing strategies to deal with the changes brought about by the COVID pandemic.

We believe that there has never been a better time to be smarter, to seize the numerous opportunities in the evolving meetings marketplace.

Face-to-face, virtual, invest, divest, and everything in between are all on the table right now, a complex matrix of strategic and tactical decisions that must be made in order for your success to be realised.

That is what 3Sixty is all about: navigating your Matrix to become the most successful version of yourself.

Our New Website

Our New Website

“Mastering the Meetings Matrix”

When Warner Brothers imagined a return to the Matrix film series little did they know that they would be up against the power house (cough) that is 3Sixty Event Consulting …..

Why, read on …..

In 2019 we interrogated our vision, values, and ambitions and felt it was necessary to bring a clear personality to our meetings consultancy and compliance solutions.

Many flipcharts and post-it notes later (remember those) we found our destination.

“Mastering the Meetings Matrix” 

We felt that this single statement, represented by our lady with the VR goggles, circled all our activities linking vision and insight with the navigation of the matrix of challenges you tackle every day. This is the value we bring to the individuals and organisations with whom we work: experienced (old) heads who, with a soft touch and tougher one when required, guide people and organisations to a position where they can effectively identify, then manage their challenges and opportunities.  The goal? to emerge in a far better place than ever before.

“We support you manage your matrix of challenges and opportunities”

Early in 2020, we witnessed a surge in demand for our consulting services. Stakeholders from throughout the healthcare meetings eco-system, including corporate organisations, venues, medical societies, and agencies, realised they needed to reinvent their business when their strategic plans were ripped apart in a matter of weeks. Major decisions needed to be made and the creation of a new strategy to maximise the opportunity that the new meetings eco-system was presenting. Their own matrix had changed, and it had done so quickly.

As we applied our consultative solutions it became clear that our support was not only aligned to strategic decision making but also one of connectivity .. when supporting Company A we realised there was a mutual benefit to Company B and so on. Partnerships were now a much more credible strategy than pre-pandemic. For us our network could facilitate these partnership conversations.

So along with the help of Warner Brothers (thanks guys fantastic timing) a 2-year time period and the effects of a global pandemic we have merged our consultancy and healthcare venue solutions into one on-line presence.