Healthcare Venues changing the way hotels are visiting specialist agencies
3Sixty Event Consulting_Healthcare Venues changing the way hotels are visiting specialist agencies
Healthcare Venues has created a pioneering and innovative method to bring meeting bookers and venues together, in an educational environment, which creates business partnerships within a mutually effective training session. Open to HCVs only: 2/3 venues per visit to be held at Healthcare specialist agency’s offices. 6-12 members of an agency operations teams attend from venue finders to senior management. 1.5 – 2 hours of agency engagement in an educational session where the venues are seen as the experts. Education based on a ‘tailored’ case study in which the benefits of working with a trained Venue Healthcare Healthcare Champion and Healthcare Venue are weaved into the solution. Understanding of agency Business Mix: the type of meetings held, the number of events and their location to enable a venue to tailor their marketing going forward Unrivalled networking opportunity. Click here to read what our agency and venue partners thought of the visit. If you are interested in being involved in the next Educational Visit, please contact [email protected].

Mark Handforth

August 21, 2018

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