Our thought leadership strategy

Our thought leadership strategy

Developing Thought Leadership

At 3Sixty and Healthcare Venues we love thought leadership that can have a positive impact on the healthcare meetings eco-system. 

If you have a blog, white paper, or other content that can help create debate or provide a few answers to the challenges we all face then let us know. We can’t promise to support everything .. but we’ll try our best! 

We are also enthusiastic to support the development of content from our position as independent experts. We can provide observations or lengthier contributions if they fall within our interests and experiences. 

The type of topics that complement our knowledge base are: 

  • Development of meeting models
  • Creating peer partnerships 
  • Thoughts leadership: development of HCP educational journeys through meeting interactions 
  • Research; HCP trends, new meeting models
  • How meeting data can drive good decision making   
  • Meeting case studies 
  • Procurement of meeting solutions post-pandemic 

You can contact us via LinkedIn or the contacts us page on this website. 

3Sixty Explained

3Sixty Explained

About 3Sixty

We have a lot to say about 3Sixty and its explosive growth in the last two years. We have been honoured to collaborate with all actors in the healthcare meetings eco-system in developing strategies to deal with the changes brought about by the COVID pandemic.

We believe that there has never been a better time to be smarter, to seize the numerous opportunities in the evolving meetings marketplace.

Face-to-face, virtual, invest, divest, and everything in between are all on the table right now, a complex matrix of strategic and tactical decisions that must be made in order for your success to be realised.

That is what 3Sixty is all about: navigating your Matrix to become the most successful version of yourself.

New Healthcare Venues Q1, 2022

New Healthcare Venues Q1, 2022

After almost two and a half years of development we’re into the final moves of the refresh of Healthcare-Venues.com. You can see the work in progress on this website and short video below.

  1. We have simplified our compliance assessments
  2. Developed a broader 12 level index to replace our traffic light system
  3. Integrated a deeper level of information, relevant when considering a meeting location
  4. Focused on the needs of meeting planners and bookers
  5. With a tool that allows you to self-evaluate any venue if not represented on our platform

And much more of course !

Take a look at the video or visit our website to read more about the venue Index and how the new site will shape up in Q1, 2022.

“Its time to get back to the business of meetings !”


Healthcare Venues Strategy Session Announced

Healthcare Venues Strategy Session Announced

Since March we have tried our best to entertain, share thought leadership and support where we can our peers and friends involved in Healthcare sector meetings and events.

We now ask for your guidance and support as our last one > isn’t up to it anymore!

On these three dates we will share the strategy for our Healthcare Venues solution, listen to your views and then move into action mode!

Please use this link to select your preferred date.

9am ET, 3pm CET, 2pm UK

Tuesday 21st July

Wednesday 5th August

Tuesday 18th August

Many thanks in advance to all who share their time with us!


Meeting Types for the Healthcare Sector

Meeting Types for the Healthcare Sector

Many meeting venues have been closed due to the COVID19 pandemic. However, some have become Healthcare Venue in the direct sense of the words. This time its the turn of Wyboston Lakes Resort to be highlighted who have been ‘open’ since lockdown started and have been hosting social distanced training for the new recruits of the East of England Ambulance Service. The venue is now leading the way in post-COVID-19 preparedness.

Well done to all the team. A true Healthcare Venue.

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Article – Are Doctors Really Influenced by the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Article – Are Doctors Really Influenced by the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Interesting Article for those with an interest in business Ethics with a Healthcare sector twist.

An initial report did a study of Open Payments data (HCPs (Doctor, nurses) payments from Healthcare companies) against prescriptions issued and found a positive link that payment of meals = prescriptions.

A new study claimed that there is no link using the following key data. “What Fonseca and Tucker found was that doctors who accepted no free meals from opioid manufacturers wrote anywhere between 0 and 1000 prescriptions in 2015 – the same as those who accepted 50 or more free meals from opioid manufacturers.”

Me, I think meals / hospitality may help you get you a seat at the table but scientific evidence is needed to influence the vast majority of HCPs prescribing behaviours. Seems some may think differently. In Europe, Asia and South America, perhaps there is a regional / national cultural difference in how professionals see hospitality. My sense is the incoming generations see it as much less acceptable.