Healthcare Meetings Forum 2013
Healthcare Meetings Forum Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London 2014
Healthcare Meetings Forum 2013
Healthcare Meetings Forum Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre London 2014
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The mission of the Healthcare Meetings Forum was to provide an unbiased view of medical meetings , placing on record the views and evidence of experts, to better understand and deliver meetings and events for the healthcare sector. The not for profit format was a collaboration between industry peers from life science companies and specialist agencies.

Forum key takeaways:

The 2015 Healthcare Meetings Forum in London focused on the evolution of medical meetings in the face of regulatory changes, budget constraints, and digital dissemination of information. Emphasizing patient outcomes, the forum explored new meeting formats and stressed the importance of transparency, compliance, and multi-stakeholder engagement.

Key Takeaway Points:

  1. Regulatory and Budgetary Pressures: New transparency requirements and budget constraints are reshaping how pharmaceutical companies engage with healthcare professionals.
  2. Patient-Centric Approach: The rise of the informed patient and a focus on patient outcomes are driving changes in medical meetings.
  3. Digital Dissemination: Digital channels are increasingly important for sharing meeting content and engaging healthcare professionals.
  4. Compliance Challenges: Companies face significant challenges in meeting compliance obligations, necessitating innovative approaches to fulfill these requirements.
  5. Meeting Formats: A shift towards smaller, more interactive and technology-enabled meetings is evident, aligning with the needs for education over promotion.
  6. Multi-Channel Communication: Integrating meetings into a broader multi-channel strategy is essential for effective communication with both healthcare professionals and patients.
  7. Collaboration and Dialogue: Ongoing dialogue among stakeholders is crucial for addressing compliance, enhancing scientific communication, and improving patient outcomes.
  8. Future Planning: The forum highlighted the need for continuous evolution in meeting formats and strategies to adapt to changing regulatory and market dynamics.

These points collectively underscore the ongoing transformation in the healthcare meeting landscape, driven by regulatory changes, the need for greater transparency, and a focus on improving patient outcomes through more effective communication and engagement strategies.

Please note the view in this report reflect the views and content available at the time.  In some cases the conclusions have been realised or changed in the time since their creation.

Mark Handforth

June 4, 2024

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