Fostering High Performance: Creating the Ideal Environment for Supplier Excellence
360 Healthcare Venues Fostering High Performance Creating the Ideal Environment for Supplier Excellence
360 Healthcare Venues Fostering High Performance Creating the Ideal Environment for Supplier Excellence

The client and supplier relationship when planning meetings can be complex and stressful at times. It can be hard to accept that, but sometimes, without this being the intention of either party, it just doesn’t work efficiently. With an increasingly entry level meeting planning workforce and high demands on those with experience, expecting excellence without an investment is not sustainable. Neither is poor supplier performance. This is the problem that needs to be solved to engineer more efficient project planning.  

Transparency, not on their own, KPI’s and SLA’s, is the cornerstone of this high performance relationship. Open communication about expectations, goals, and challenges ensures a shared vision. When suppliers are equipped with a clear understanding of their role and how their contributions align with the client’s objectives, they can tailor their solutions for maximum impact. Furthermore, an environment that prioritises transparency builds trust, fostering collaboration and long-term partnerships.Yes, it may seem excessive for a one off meeting, but the method is translatable regardless of the meeting size.

Creating a performance-oriented ecosystem is equally vital. Regular feedback, aligned with measurable metrics, empowers suppliers to fine-tune and evolve their meeting planning strategies. This involves not only highlighting areas for improvement but also acknowledging successes. Constructive feedback drives growth, while recognition fuels motivation, resulting in an upward spiral of excellence.

Embracing failure in innovative scenarios completes the triangle. Encouraging a culture where calculated risks are applauded, even if they result in failure, drives supplier innovation. Such an environment prompts suppliers to think outside the box, push boundaries, and ultimately deliver ground breaking solutions.

In conclusion, the success of a supplier-client collaboration can hinge on the environment clients cultivate. Transparency nurtures trust, a performance-driven approach boosts outcomes, and embracing failure fuels innovation. By prioritising these principles, clients pave the way for suppliers to thrive and create a synergy that can have a significant impact on the creation of successful meetings.

Mark Handforth

September 8, 2023

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