US State of Maine – Honoraria Limits Proposed
3Sixty Event Consulting_US State of Maine - Honoraria Limits Proposed

Reasonable Honoraria Proposed Definition:

Cash and/or a gift given to a practitioner in return for the practitioner speaking at a professional or educational conference sponsored by a manufacturer or wholesaler. The aggregate value of all cash and gifts received by a practitioner for a particular speaking engagement may not exceed an annual limit of $250 in retail value.

Modest Meals and Refreshments Proposed Definition:

Food and beverage of minimal value provided to a practitioner in connection with a meeting or presentation about the benefits, risks, and appropriate uses of prescription drugs or medical devices, disease states, or other scientific information as long as the meeting or presentation occurs in a venue and manner conducive to informational communication. Such food and beverage must be of the type and quantity typically provided for conference attendees at the venue where the meeting or presentation occurs.

Reasonable Expenses Proposed Definition:

The reasonable and actual expenses for travel, lodging, and meals incurred by a practitioner and that are necessary in order for the practitioner to speak at a professional or educational conference sponsored by a manufacturer or wholesaler. Healthcare-Venues: we wish organisations would not use words like “minimal value” to avoid confusion and differing interpretations.

These points have not yet been ratified to date. An open meeting on 08 May 2019 is planned to debate this and other topics. To stay in touch with news on the Maine honoraria limits sign up to our news here or email us here.

Mark Handforth

April 17, 2019

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