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“Mastering the Meetings Matrix”

When Warner Brothers imagined a return to the Matrix film series little did they know that they would be up against the power house (cough) that is 3Sixty Event Consulting …..

Why, read on …..

In 2019 we interrogated our vision, values, and ambitions and felt it was necessary to bring a clear personality to our meetings consultancy and compliance solutions.

Many flipcharts and post-it notes later (remember those) we found our destination.

“Mastering the Meetings Matrix” 

We felt that this single statement, represented by our lady with the VR goggles, circled all our activities linking vision and insight with the navigation of the matrix of challenges you tackle every day. This is the value we bring to the individuals and organisations with whom we work: experienced (old) heads who, with a soft touch and tougher one when required, guide people and organisations to a position where they can effectively identify, then manage their challenges and opportunities.  The goal? to emerge in a far better place than ever before.

“We support you manage your matrix of challenges and opportunities”

Early in 2020, we witnessed a surge in demand for our consulting services. Stakeholders from throughout the healthcare meetings eco-system, including corporate organisations, venues, medical societies, and agencies, realised they needed to reinvent their business when their strategic plans were ripped apart in a matter of weeks. Major decisions needed to be made and the creation of a new strategy to maximise the opportunity that the new meetings eco-system was presenting. Their own matrix had changed, and it had done so quickly.

As we applied our consultative solutions it became clear that our support was not only aligned to strategic decision making but also one of connectivity .. when supporting Company A we realised there was a mutual benefit to Company B and so on. Partnerships were now a much more credible strategy than pre-pandemic. For us our network could facilitate these partnership conversations.

So along with the help of Warner Brothers (thanks guys fantastic timing) a 2-year time period and the effects of a global pandemic we have merged our consultancy and healthcare venue solutions into one on-line presence.

Mark Handforth

December 20, 2021

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