WRG live, Creative and Events Teams Complete Compliance Training Course
3Sixty Event Consulting_WRG live, Creative and Events Teams Complete Compliance Training Course

Congratulations to the teams at WRG Live who have completed our compliance training course for specialist Healthcare sector event management agencies.

  • Alanta Foley
  • Anna Thomson
  • Charmain Stapane
  • Chi Siroko
  • Joanna Powell
  • Katie Spearman
  • Kay Carpenter
  • Kaye Sweeney
  • Liz Booth
  • Louise Fitzsimmons
  • Melanie Ingram
  • Nelly Lezama

Well done all. We also moderated a workshop with the WRG Live creative team, applying creativity in a regulatory code environment, which demonstrated, via the use of practical case studies based on public breaches of codes, that regulatory codes can support the creative process not undermine it. Exhibit design, interactive asset creation and creative campaigns have already changed over the past few years as the code, scientific and educational needs have evolved however, the modern exhibition is still changing and its future and value as we visioned will look very different over the next 3-5 years.

To talk to the WRG live team about their events, exhibit and creative capabilities email here or look on-line to see their work.


Mark Handforth

August 18, 2016

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