New Jersey, US Implement State Gift and $15 Meal Cap Limit
3Sixty Event Consulting_New Jersey, US Implement State Gift and $15 Meal Cap Limit.

Starting January 15, 2018, all contracts and payments entered into by physicians directly with the pharmaceutical industry will be subject to a $10,000 total yearly cap for New Jersey physicians with all pharmaceutical companies. This includes payments from industry for consulting and speaking but exempts research and education related payments. In addition, physicians will be subject to a $15 dollar meal cap, for meals related to all activities.


Our Comment:

So, if you are planning / planned a promotionally focused meeting in New Jersey or for HCPs then you have to think again about adhering to the speaker fees and meal caps relevant to any event. If you are a meeting venue it is time to think very carefully about your targeting to the sector perhaps focusing on internal meetings and those from the clinical phase. To read the full paper click here Any questions please fee free to contact our team via the platform.


Mark Handforth

January 20, 2018

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