Announcement – Alex Piper joins the team
3Sixty Event Consulting_Announcement – Alex Piper joins the team

We are very excited to announce that Alex Piper formerly of LifeScan EMEA (Johnson & Johnson), Grass Roots and BCD M&E will be joining the team supporting our training and assessment solutions.

Alex, who was once quoted as “loving compliance” (yep, she said that in an interview no less), will bring further insight into how corporate clients, medical societies, specialist agencies, PCOs, venues and destinations .. the list goes on, apply the code into their day to day work.

Already hard at work creating additional content for our online training module “writing proposals with the code in mind” Alex said “I am really looking forward to joining the team and working to help all stakeholders involved in healthcare sector meetings and events understand the practical application of regulations in their day to day activities, but also break down some of the barriers and fears around healthcare compliance that still exist.”

You can see more of Alex’s profile on LinkedIn here

Mark Handforth

October 3, 2016

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